Trim Kits FAQ

1. Will the trim kit affect my valve alignment?

No! We have designed the trim sets so that they match the factory parts. Also, we ship factory standard top cap pads and stem felts with most sets.  If you find that your valve alignment is slightly misaligned, try using your existing pads and felts. If there are still alignment problems, we can custom fit trim sets to your trumpet.

2. Do I need to use rubber "O" rings with my trim kit?

O-rings are not needed for your trim kit to fit correctly. Some players feel by adding o-rings and fine tuning the tension on the valve caps, the trumpet response can be altered. O-rings can be added to your order upon request for no cost.

3. Do you offer your trim kits in any retail stores?

We currently sell Pickett Brass trim kits only through our website:

4. Will weighted valve caps affect the sound of my trumpet?

Yes. Adding mass will affect the slotting and sound of your trumpet. Your personal preferences will be the deciding factor in which weight to select.

5. Do you make parts for trumpets other than Bach, Schilke, Kanstul, Blackburn, and Yamaha?


We currently produce kits for several standard Bach, Schilke, and Yamaha models, however, we're compiling measurements for different trumpets often. Please send us an email with your trumpet/cornet/flugelhorn model and we'll see if it's on file. If we don't have your trumpet model measurements, we can measure sample parts from your trumpet and return the parts to you within a couple of days. This guarantees proper fit and function.

6. How long does it take to get trim kits?



We manufacture almost every kit in house the week the order is received. If ordering raw brass, you can expect your order to arrive within 2 weeks. Silver and gold plated kits take an additional 2 weeks.

7. Do you have a trial period for trim kits and mouthpieces?



No, but we will exchange parts as necessary to help you find the proper weight. You need only pay the shipping!

8. Do you have a return policy?



Please refer to our Shipping and Returns page.

9. What kind of plating and finish do you recommend?



On most products, we offer two finishes: polished and brushed. And we offer three plating options: none (raw brass), silver, and gold. Personal preference is really what determines most folks request. The raw brass finishes (polished and brushed) both will eventually tarnish, turning to a reddish brown patina. This finish is great for raw brass horns, as it will match well. The brushed silver and gold offer a fantastic contrast to the polished silver and gold plated trumpets - we've had many requests for brushed silver parts on a silver horn for example.

10. How do I check on my order?



First, log in to see your account, then click on "My Account" at the top of the screen. Click on the order you'd like to see the status of. Your order will have the following statuses:
  • Order Placed: This is the status as soon as you place and pay for your order.
  • Order In Shop: This happens when your order is sent to our shop floor. We're working on producing your trim kit parts.
  • Production Complete: This occurs when your trim kit parts are finished machining.
  • At Plating: Since plating takes 1-2 weeks, we notify you that it's at the platers. (if you chose plating).
  • Order Shipped: We update the status to shipped the day your order goes out so you know when to expect it. You'll also receive an email when your order ships.
  • Order Under Review: If you'd like to return parts, exchange parts, or otherwise are unhappy with you trim kit, your order status will be changed to this so you know we're reviewing it.
  • Canceled:  Your order was canceled.

11. Is it safe to order from Pickett Brass online?



Yes!  Our website is secured by a 128 bit SSL certificate whenever you are entering personal information (password, credit card number, etc).  You will see the secure lock in your browser status bar.