Trombone, Small Bore Lead Tenor Cup

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A refined, efficient, and focused lead mouthpiece design. Our lead models offer a very shallow cup, balanced with a compact backbore, that will provide the zip you need in any lead/commercial setting.

The Pickett line of screw rim trombone mouthpieces makes it possible to dial in the response and sound to where you want it to be.  Finding the right mouthpiece for the job just got easier.  

The small bore lead tenor trombone models include:
  • 5L      Larger diameter coupled with an very shallow cup and compact backbore.
  • 5.5L   Same cup and countour as 5L with slightly smaller rim diameter.
  • 6L      Very familiar diameter for most, coupled with an extremely shallow cup and compact backbore.
  • 7L      For players who prefer a slightly smaller rim diameter while playing lead.  Offers a slightly brighter sound in the middle and upper registers.
  • 9L      Smallest diameter offered on our lead models.  Very well balanced and compact.  A true lead piece.
Each cup requires the respective diameter rim.
All available in brushed silver or brushed gold.

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