Trombone: Large Bore Tenor Rim

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Experience the ease and comfort of Pickett large bore tenor rims.
The Pickett line of screw rim trombone mouthpieces makes it possible to dial in the response and sound to where you want it to be.  Finding the right mouthpiece for the job just got easier.  
The large bore tenor trombone models include:
  • 3    1.044" diameter
  • 4    1.034" diameter
  • 5    1.024" diameter
  • 5.5  1.019" diameter
  • 6     1.014" diameter
Each rim must be coupled with the same sized cup.
Each of these can be tweaked towards 2 rim profiles:
  •  The "C" rim is our classic trombone rim, with a pronounced bite and relatively flat profile.  The classic feel will allow for instant response and crisp articulations while offering a comfortable fit.
  •  Our "R" rim features a rounded rim profile with a softer bite.  The rounded rim profile offers a slightly wider feel, with a little more relief entering the cup, allowing for increased flexibility in all registers.
All available in polished silver or brushed gold.

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