Mouthpiece Chart

Pickett Brass trumpet mouthpieces are a result of players wanting a better mouthpiece. Through research, prototyping, and testing with top players, we have developed a line of mouthpieces that are great performers and offer many options.

Although we offer a standard line of mouthpieces that have great performance characteristics, we know that everyone is different, and as a result, different playing needs. We are available to work with you on custom mouthpieces to fit your needs. We can duplicate cups and rims quickly and work with you on customizing a stock mouthpiece or designing a new one. Contact us for more details.

Use this chart to compare the cup diameters:

This chart only reflects the inner cup diameter.  The measurements were taken directly from each  manufacture's web site or literature.  The chart does not reflect rim contour, rim width, or cup depth.  For the sake of consistency all sizes normally listed as fractions, (like 1-1/4C), have been changed to decimal points, (1-1/4C = 1.25C), with the exception of certain Marcinkeiwicz sizes.

Pickett Brass Cups



Deep: B Our B cup is a deeper version of our C cup.
Medium Deep: BC This hybrid combines our C cup with a funnel V before the throat. A must for orchestral work.
Medium: C Our standard cup. Great for all around work, especially chamber and wind ensembles.
Medium Shallow: D Our D series is designed specifically for the commercial player needing to perform in multiple genres without the hassle of switching mouthpieces.
Shallow: E Our lead/piccolo mouthpiece is designed for maximum sound with minimal effort for upper register work.