Blackburn Rotary C Trumpet

The Blackburn Rotary C trumpet is spectacular with each carefully designed feature.  Built with the intent of advancing and improving each detail of the rotary trumpet, this horn offers improved intonation, articulation, slotting, and overall sound projection.The legendary MD19A20S bell is the embodiment of warmth, projection, and superior intonation.  The summation of these features results in what players come to know as the 'Blackburn sound'. Designed using our traditional tuning slide, or our Vienna Keys tuning slide for an additional $199.

Modular Leadpipe Options

R1 = Offering the most efficient blow of our Blackburn Rotary leadpipes. The R1 has a well centered sound, with brilliance when pushed.
R2 = This leadpipe offers a more free blow that offers a warm and crisp orchestral sound.
R3 = With a slightly darker timbre than our R2, the R3 offers softer attacks while maintaining that dark orchestral sound.

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