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Ingram Lead Mouthpiece

I've been playing trumpet for over 40 years. I've tried many mouthpieces by Bach, Schilke, and several others to achieve a bright, tight lead sound, but found difficulty playing the smaller rim, throat, etc.

Not so with the Ingram Lead Mouthpiece!

When I combine the "Yoga" breathing technique with an open aperture (from Roger's book, "Clinical Notes on Trumpet Playing"), this Ingram lead mouthpiece plays in the upper register with a wonderful sound, spectacular projection, and relative ease.

Thank you, Roger for sharing the specs on this mouthpiece with the world!!

Testimonial By: Robert Schuler — OH, United States

Renewed Mouthpiece

I had Picket Blackburn silver plate a really ragged Olds 12C mouthpiece from a 1970 Olds Opera trombone. They did a fantastic job, it looks like new. They exceeded my expectations, great workmanship.
Thank you.

Testimonial By: Thomas Casteel — AL, United States

Custom Trim Kit

Peter and Eric are Amazing. Peter went Above and Beyond all my expectations. My custom Trim kit for my Courtois Trumpet n Raw Brass are perfect. Peter made three sets of buttons for me to give me a choice in sizes. I love the the 3/8th. Smooth and Quiet and Big, I Love Them.... Thank You, Tina Hutton

Testimonial By: Tina L Hutton — OR, United States

You cannot go wrong with Pickett!

I am a college trumpet player and I have been using the same mouthpieces since 6th grade. I switched to a Stork freshman year of college and loved to to bits. I needed to start upgrading my flugel, pic, and cornet mouthpieces and I started with the cornet. WOW! These are by far and away the most comfortable, freeblowing, and we'll made mouthpieces I have ever played and I plan to make use of every spare earning I have to getting a new Bb/C, flugel, and pic piece as soon as possible. The price means nothing in comparison to what you get out of it. Absolutely fantastic!

Testimonial By: Ethan Cogswell — MA, United States

Commercial Vll trumpet mouthpiece

I ordered the commercial Vll trumpet mouthpiece just to try, usually commercial mouthpieces are to shallow or to bright to tight ect. When I played it I was completely surprised at the outcome. The sound was full and not overly bright but with a huge core to the sound (think Gozzo ) and the intonation was very easy, some shallower type mouthpieces play on the sharp side this one has the perfect backpressure to allow you to sit back or relax when playing high.It is like a refined Jettone Studio B but with a more comfortable rim, better intonation and sound. I like the rim so much I had them make me a 7c with the commercial rim for more all around use. The commercial Vll could easily be used for general purpose also if you want a little more zing . I will also have a flugelhorn mouthpiece made with the commercial rim. Thanks Pickett Brass
Tom Chojnowski

Testimonial By: Thomas Chojnowski — CT, United States

Precision Made

After discovering I had an allergy to traditional silver plated mouthpieces, I went through a few alternatives (gold plate, stainless, plastic rim) with no success.

I decided to take a gamble and try the Pickett 2 piece system with an all Acrylic top.

After 6 months of playing Pickett I can gladly say that this has been the best alternative that I have found. The rim is comfortable/easy to adjust to and I found no apparent loss of sound due to the acrylic top.

I definetly suggest this option to anyone who has a severe metal allergy.

Testimonial By: Nich Delgado — CA, United States

Great ... Everything!!!

Where to start ... Pickett has AMAZING customer service! They always reply promptly, respectfully, with extremely useful information. Their trial policies are likewise great, allowing you to try out MPs, while giving you very accurate tracking on the process and speedy returns. And the mouthpieces themselves? I put the 1.25 rim to my face and immediately loved it - best sound I got out of my flugel too!

Testimonial By: Peter Gehres — NY, United States


As an amateur "comeback player," I very much appreciate that Eric, Nick, and Robert all treated me as a fellow brass player, and gave their full attention, effort, and expertise to finding the best combination of equipment to meet my needs. Many thanks, guys!

Testimonial By: Barry Milligan — OH, United States

great service

Love my custom bottom caps. They engineered to fit my obscure Conn 100 B. The updates they posted on the progress of the order under my account took all the guess work out and I really like knowing where they were on the project.

Testimonial By: gary dixon — GA, United States

Love the Mouthpiece

Peter, I want to thank you and everyone at Pickett Brass for my 3BC trumpet mouthpiece (24 Throat, Acrylic/Pearl, with Symphonic Backbore). At the soft and medium dynamics this thing really gets a warm and velvety sound. But there is also a solid core when the volume is cranked up. Thanks again for taking so much time to show our quintet around the shop a while back. And please extend my appreciation to everyone there for all the care and craftsmanship. I really love the sound of this mouthpiece!

Testimonial By: Lyndon Poole — Austin, Texas
Displaying 1 to 10 (of 259 testimonials)