About Us

In 1998 I had just started my first mechanical engineering job out of school and joined up with the local community band in Lexington, Kentucky.  Most of my engineering graduate studies have revolved around acoustic modeling of the trumpet shape, proving out several observations people had made in the past. However, there was very little work done on the structure and other aspects not associated with the air-column. After playing extensively for many years after completing a BA in music, I wanted to continue my engineering masters studies on trumpet acoustics.

In 1999, I bought my first lathe and made several simple heavy bottom caps for my trumpet. To be honest, the first goal was purely aesthetic - change the look of the horn from a traditional horn to a subtly different modern look. The results were as you might expect - too much mass in the wrong place is not desirable. But it was a great and fun start to what has developed into Pickett Brass as we have it today.

After several friends mentioned that they'd like some similar trim parts, I made several more sets in various weights. We branched out to making top caps, stems, and buttons on some CNC machines that matched in appearance and weight to the newly refined bottom caps. This created something never before available - a complete and unified trim set that is not only completely customizable but also functional and beautiful to look at. We were in business.

Today Pickett Brass and Blackburn Trumpets uses several state of the art CNC machines and skilled finishing to produce the world class quality trim sets in a variety of weights and appearances. In addition, we are applying our years of playing and manufacturing experience with top professional names in trumpet playing today to produce truly one of a kind mouthpieces that are second to none in quality and design. 

I truly hope you enjoy the craftsmanship and quality that we have developed over the years.
All products are made right here in Lexington, Kentucky, USA.

-Peter Pickett

Kristen joined Pickett Brass in 2007 and handles our business management and finances.  She's responsible for all of our business relationships and communications.

Feel free to email Kristen or use our contact form.




Nick joined Pickett Brass in 2014 and has worked in most areas of the shop.  Nick focuses primarily on producing all types of trumpet leadpipes and tuning slides and is part of the trumpet assembly team. He is also one of our main mouthpiece finishers.  

With a degree in Music Education and Trombone from the University of Kentucky, Nick is one of our trombone experts and enjoys talking to folks at the shop as well as trade shows about the Pickett trombone mouthpiece line.

Nick is the official shop photographer and contributes to graphic design.


Eric rejoined the Pickett team in May of 2015. Eric is a great resource with his doctorate in trumpet performance, he has an extensive knowledge of mouthpieces and trumpets.

Eric handles all customer emails and phone calls - drop him a note on our contact form.

  Greg joined Pickett Brass in 2014 with a singular focus on making trumpet bells as part of the transition of Blackburn Trumpets.  Studying directly with Cliff Blackburn, Greg has closely worked to replicate Cliff's craftsmanship.  
Robert rejoined the Pickett team in 2016 and is involved in all aspects of manufacturing from making trim kits to buffing and finishing to trumpet assembly.  Robert also played a big part in developing the Pickett trombone mouthpiece line and enjoys helping customers with any of their trombone needs.  Robert graduated from Eastern Kentucky University with a degree in Music Industry Studies/Trombone.
Zach came aboard in 2016 while still in school. Having graduated college studying trumpet and music industry at Eastern Kentucky University, he is now a full time team member. Zach is involved with much of the manufacturing side of the business, including designing mouthpieces, manufacturing them, and prepairing them to be buffed.