Mouthpiece FAQ

1. What are Pickett Brass mouthpiece designs based on?

Our initial mouthpiece designs were based on collaboration with Vince DiMartino.  This became the basis for our 5B, 5BC, and 5C mouthpieces.  From there, we have diversified with deeper and shallower cups as well as multiple sizes to accommodate all players.  

The following illustration shows our A, B, BC, C, D, E, and F cups overlapped.


2. Do Pickett Brass backbores and mouthpieces affect my gap?

The diameter of our backbores and one piece shanks is 0.385".  Every mouthpiece receiver is different - so we recommend checking the leadpipe/mouthpiece gap and adjusting to find the optimal gap for you.  If you'd like to adjust your gap, you can request your backbore or one piece mouthpiece manufactured with a shank to access Reeves sleeves.  Or we can custom make a shank with the diameter of your choice.

3. Do you offer your mouthpieces in any retail stores?

See our dealer page for the latest offerings.

4. Question: What is the playability difference between the Pickett #10 series and standard series trumpet backbores?

The Pickett #10 series opens up quicker after the throat entrance in comparison to the standard series. This increased taper provides a slightly more open feel with the #10 series rather than the standard series. Most players find the #10-3 to feel more free than the standard #3, and #10-2 more free-blowing than the standard #2 in comparison.
Ultimately it comes down to personal preference but these options allow the player to truly dial in the resistance and feel that they desire based on two internal shape.

5. How does your numbering system work on cups?
Our standard line numbering is similar to Bach - a 1 cup is large and a 10 cup is small.  And for depth, an A is deep and F is shallow.  The designs themselves are not based on Bach mouthpieces.  
6. What do your rims feel like?
Our rims are a little wider than Schilke and flatter than Bach.  The bites are slightly more sharp than standard facilitating articulations and attacks.  Overall, our rims are very comfortable and comfortable to play.  
7. How long does it take to get your mouthpieces?
We manufacture brass mouthpieces in house within 3-4 weeks of when order is received. If in stock, we usually ship within just a couple of days.  Otherwise, silver and gold plated mouthpieces take about 3-4 weeks.
8. How do I check on my order?
First, log in to see your account, then click on "My Account" at the top of the screen. Click on the order you'd like to see the status of. Your order will have the following statuses:
Order Placed: This is the status as soon as you place and pay for your order.
Order In Shop: This happens when your order is sent to our shop floor.
Production Complete: This occurs when your mouthpieces are finished machining.
At Plating: Since plating takes 1-2 weeks, we notify you that it's at the platers.
Order Shipped: We update the status to shipped the day your order goes out so you know when to expect it. You'll also receive an email when your order ships. 
Order Under Review: If you'd like to return parts, exchange parts, or otherwise are unhappy with your mouthpiece, your order status will be changed to this so you know we're reviewing it.
Canceled:  Your order was canceled.
9. Is it safe to order from Pickett Brass online?
Yes!  Our website is secured by a 128 bit SSL certificate whenever you are entering personal information (password, credit card number, etc).  You will see the secure lock in your browser status bar.