1 Piece Flugelhorn Mouthpiece

Experience the benefit of Pickett Brass mouthpieces with our flugelhorn model.  These mouthpieces are a one piece model with the consistent and comfortable Pickett Brass rim as offered on all of our mouthpieces.  Flugelhorn mouthpieces are made with a standard large taper or a small taper (see below), both with a #22 (0.157") throat on the standard models, 0.174" on the medium, and 0.176 on the deep cup.

Standard (Large Morse) Taper:
Yamaha, Getzen, Callet, Benge/King/Conn, Holton, Older Kanstul 1525 + other "American" flugel horn except Bach

Bach (Small Morse) Taper:
Bach, Courtois, (newer Cousenon), LeBlanc (including Sandoval), some other European brands, Kanstul models 725, 1025 and 1525, Scodwell


With design consulting by world class trumpeter Vince DiMartino our rims and cups offer optimum flexibility & consistent, precise articulations.

We also offer custom design options, with our Flugelhorn Mouthpiece – Custom Product!

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