Reeves Sleeve

Is your mouthpiece receiver worn or is your horn not responding the way it used to?  With a Reeves sleeve system, you can easily adjust the gap between your mouthpiece and the leadpipe resulting in a much better responding trumpet.

Sleeves are sold in half sizes.  The change in gap from one sleeve size to the next is .0313" (1/32 inch).

 The #1 sleeve offers the largest shank size and gap and the the #7 sleeve has the smallest shank size, resulting in the smallest gap.

Your backbore or mouthpiece must be machined for the Reeves system.  You can order Pickett Brass backbores or one piece mouthpieces with the Reeves shank already machined.  We do not modify mouthpieces for the Reeves system.


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Starting at: $27.95

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