Mouthpiece Backbore: #10 Series

The Pickett Brass #10 series backbores offer an overall different feel than the standard line. Available in many throat options.

Backbore: 10-1
Very free blowing orchestral backbore, commonly used with a #24-#25 throat to create that orchestral sound/feel that is desired in symphony orchestras. Applications - Orchestral/ Symphonic playing
Backbore: 10-2
Our most popular classical backbore.  The 10-2 creates a large sound without losing you with too much inefficient volume. This backbore offers that ‘classic’ backbore feel/blow that many have grown accustomed to.
Applications - Orchestral/Symphonic/Soloistic/Chamber playing
Backbore: 10-3
This backbore offers slightly more resistance than the 10-2 without compromising the overall beautiful large sound.  The attacks are more pronounced and speak quicker which creates a perfect mouthpiece for small group playing. Applications - Chamber Orchestra/Jazz Combo/ Soloistic playing
Backbore: 10-4
An extremely efficient backbore, offers a bright, focused sound.  This backbore blends well for big band section playing without producing that strident sound known for lead trumpet playing. Applications- Jazz Band/Jazz Combo/Soloistic playing
Backbore: 10-5
A very compact backbore that produces a sound that is desired by lead trumpet players.  The added resistance will aid in sound projection, faster articulations, and efficiency. Applications - Lead Trumpet/ Jazz Band/ Commercial/Piccolo Trumpet/Soloistic playing

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