Tuba Mouthpiece

The Pickett Brass Tuba line is now available after years of research and development.  We have optimized 5 models to complement the various keys of tubas while aiming to maintain the smooth attack, and playability of the mouthpieces. These unique models have been named after famous horse racing Triple Crown winners.

Admiral - With its forgiving bowl shaped cup design, the Admiral offers the stability similar to the Pharaoh. The robust bowl shape allows the player to obtain a large orchestral sound without losing focus. Designed for Bb/C Tuba.

Fleet - The uniquely efficient and focused medium cup shape provides the stability needed when performing "flashy" technical tuba solos. Designed for Eb/F Tuba.

Fox - Offering a medium-deep funnel cup, the Fox is a great choice for players who prefer a dark and rich sound while using their Eb/F tuba.  For players who switch from Bb/C and Eb/F tubas frequently, the Fox will offer a similar feel while to maintain pitch center. Designed for Eb/F Tuba.

Pharoah - With a broad orchestral sound, the Pharoah offers a generous funnel cup shape with a comfortable flat rim. Designed for the Bb/C tuba.

Slew - The unique semi-round rim profile coupled with the deeper funnel cup brings forth a robust, but stable symphonic sound.  Designed for the Bb/C Tuba.

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