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Consummate professionalism

To paraphrase Voltaire -

If Peter Pickett and Pickett Brass didn't exist, I would have to invent them. Thankfully, they've saved me the trouble.

I can't thank them enough for going the extra mile.

Testimonial By: Greg Wilson — OR, United States

Fixing problems

Peter, it was great to see you today. Thanks for all your help. Your insight was absolutely invaluable. Can't wait to play the next gig! Beautifully crafted mouthpieces.

Testimonial By: Eddie Clark — TN, United States

Fantastic work

Peter does exceptional work. He does EXACTLY what you'd like. His backbore designs are simply phenomenal. I've never encountered any issues with this company...a lot to be said there! I hope like me, others discover his care and work. It means a lot when you are very close to the exact product you need to be at your best and his prices are exact and fair.

Testimonial By: Jon Hoehne — CA, United States

Nailed It

I recently ordered the Jens "Special" after re-reading his rant on mouthpieces and the benefits of playing more efficient gear. As the mouthpiece I currently play on is about a 5 rim, I figured, "why not?"

All I can say is, WOW!!! I received the mouthpiece on Friday and decided to give it a trial by fire. I played it for a musical on Friday night (literally, right out of the box), Saturday with a 30 piece orchestra, and this morning with a brass trio.

This mouthpiece made ALL of it easier. I realize that it may not be for everyone, but I believe it is for me. The sound is even across the entire range of the horn, and it is REALLY comfortable. Of course, Peter's design and finishing work is second to none.

If you pay a 5ish rim, and just looking for something better, give this a try. If only I could play like Jens.

Thanks, Peter.

Testimonial By: Jeffrey Katz — MN, United States

Fantastic and comfortable!

The overall design of the mouthpiece is true to it's word: a sharp profile, but very comfortable. Comfort is important to the best chance in a confident set-up. From my visit to the old shop, to the many conversations with Peter, to the fun in just trying out the mouthpieces, this is an amazing brand, with amazing prices!

Testimonial By: Tyler Pfledderer — NC, United States


Just a quick note to thank Pickett Brass employees for the amazing service. I have never had a company do what they have done for me. They went above and beyond in service!!

Testimonial By: Alton Esau — FL, United States

Vintage Maynard Mouthpiece

I ordered the Vintage Maynard mouthpiece a few weeks ago from Roger Ingram (made by Pickett Brass). This is by far the best mouthpiece I have ever owned. I definitely see why Maynard played this basic design for his entire career. I have soared to an F above triple C on this mouthpiece. It amazes me at the huge sound one can get out of this small V cup. It is so comfortable too as it has no bite. I will never play another mouthpiece again. If only I had this back in my youth. Pickett Brass has done an outstanding job in recreating Maynard's mouthpiece for the 50's/early 60's.

Testimonial By: Kenny Clawson — TN, United States

Copper Top, so great!!

With my new 5D copper top and 24 backbore i'm so happy ! The Sound have so much overtones an flexibility ! It's so good for lead playing and also intime jazz settings
Thanks so much !

Gretings from Germany

Testimonial By: Klaus Frank — RHE, Germany


2nd to none! Daily communication via the best run website on the net. Everyday there is an update that you can view. No need to wonder what's going on. It's all right there in your account status. And the MPs? They are fantastic. You have a customer in me!

Testimonial By: Robert P Woodard

great mouthpiece

I've been working with my new Picket Brass - vizzutti model.
Great mouthpiece! a considerable improvement over my Yamaha vizzutti model!

Testimonial By: Hector Colon — NY, United States
Displaying 11 to 20 (of 258 testimonials)