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Pickett Custom Mouthpieces

I began working with Pickett Brass mouthpieces in 2014, and I must say the quality, craftsmanship, and attention to detail is by far the most superior product I've dealt with. Peter is absolutely committed to his customers and goes out of his way to make sure you are provided the very best result. I would highly recommend Pickett Brass mouthpieces for all your trumpet and brass needs! Thanks so much, Peter!!

Testimonial By: Dan Flores — TX, United States

Best rim in the world.

My Pickett 6D is the best lead mouthpiece I've ever tried, bar none. Easier upper register than my Reeves 42S692 plus the Pickett rim. My 5BC is versatile and has a beautiful sound, perfect for small group jazz and solo work. Overall the best mouthpieces I've ever played. Definitely a happy customer!

Testimonial By: Isaac Stephens — KY, United States


Peter has developed an amazing rim and bite that is the most comfortable of any mouthpiece I've ever tried. It all adds up to warm, rich, beautiful sound, with unparalleled endurance. Win-win!

Testimonial By: Robert Miller — OH, United States


The Pickett 2 Bass trombone Mouthpiece is the best example of the Classic 1&1/2 G size I've ever played. Great response,sound and pitch.

Testimonial By: Donald C Hayward — NY, United States

Outstanding customer service!

Peter's commitment to finding the custom design that was best for me was amazing! He tweaked things along the way using my feedback as a guide. He was very patient and really wanted to make sure I got what I was after.
Thank you!

Testimonial By: Andrew Critzer — OH, United States

Give these a try!

Peter was helpful and patient in getting the right mouthpiece fit that I felt comfortable with. His mouthpieces are extremely efficient and fun to play. I have the best range, articulation, and accuracy using Pickett Brass mpcs. Highly reccommended for all players!

Testimonial By: John Malloy — MD, United States

Ease of playing

The Copper top mouthpiece is the most comfortable, best feeling and best sounding mouthpiece I have ever played on. I'm definitely going to buy more tops with different cup depths to convert my entire quiver of mouthpieces to Pickett Brass!!

Testimonial By: Stephen Crosby — KY, United States


Works exactly like I hoped it work. Awesome stuff.

Testimonial By: Anonymous


I absolute love your work Peter! I get more resonance on this mouthpiece than any other horn. My colleagues noticed a difference immediately!

Testimonial By: Anonymous


great products.

Testimonial By: Anonymous
Displaying 21 to 30 (of 258 testimonials)