Commercial Vll trumpet mouthpiece

I ordered the commercial Vll trumpet mouthpiece just to try, usually commercial mouthpieces are to shallow or to bright to tight ect. When I played it I was completely surprised at the outcome. The sound was full and not overly bright but with a huge core to the sound (think Gozzo ) and the intonation was very easy, some shallower type mouthpieces play on the sharp side this one has the perfect backpressure to allow you to sit back or relax when playing high.It is like a refined Jettone Studio B but with a more comfortable rim, better intonation and sound. I like the rim so much I had them make me a 7c with the commercial rim for more all around use. The commercial Vll could easily be used for general purpose also if you want a little more zing . I will also have a flugelhorn mouthpiece made with the commercial rim. Thanks Pickett Brass
Tom Chojnowski
Testimonial By: Thomas Chojnowski — CT, United States

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