Mouthpiece Top: Acrylic - Solid & Marble

Experience the benefit of Pickett Brass mouthpiece tops with your backbore. These tops are a one piece, rim & cup, model - and made in a clear acrylic material. Acrylic has a warmer, softer feel to it than brass and copper mouthpieces, and it provides even more grip than silver plating. They are ideal for outdoor playing as well for people with severe allergies to silver, gold, nickel, or copper.
With design consulting by world class trumpeter Vince DiMartino our rims and cups offer optimum flexibility & consistent, precise articulations.  Choose your own width, depth, throat size, and color!

Color Options:

Marble - Night Sky Blue, Cinnabar, Dreamsicle Orange, Frost White, Deep Mahogany, Emerald City

Solid - Pumpkin Orange, Cherry Red, Midnight Black, Pickett Purple, Pearl

We also offer custom design options, with our Mouthpiece Top – Custom Product!






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Starting at: $110.00

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