Trombone Lightweight Small Bore 1-piece

Characteristically full, robust, and powerful, Pickett trombone mouthpieces are balanced to help you succeed at any job that comes your way.

The Pickett 2-piece trombone mouthpiece design makes it possible to dial in the feel, response, and sound to where you want it to be.  Finding the right mouthpiece for the job just got easier. 


The small bore tenor trombone models include:

  • 3     Our largest cup in our large bore line.  Very open and free blowing with dark tone concept.
  • 4     Very open and free-blowing. Great for orchestral 2nd part playing.
  • 5     This offers excellent core production and balance across all registers.
  • 5.5  Similar to the 5, the 5.5 features slightly smaller rim diameter for those looking for the added support.
  • 6     Provides a focused sound and a dense core. 
  • 7      Balanced yet compact.  A great all around small bore tenor mouthpiece.
  • 9      Immediate response and extremely compact tone, a fantastic alto mouthpiece.
  • 11    A well balanced lead piece with a V-shaped cup to give you the zip you need.

All available in polished silver and polished gold.


Starting at: $195.00

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Starting at: $195.00

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