Ko-ichiro Yamamoto

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Ko-ichiro Yamamoto, one of the foremost Japanese trombonists of his generation, is the principal trombonist of the Seattle Symphony, a faculty member of the University of Washington School of Music, and the newest member of the Center City Brass Quintet. He formerly was a trombonist with the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra in New York City for 10 seasons. In summer 2012, he was the acting principal trombonist of the New York Philharmonic and co-principle trombonist of the All Star Orchestra.  
Ko-ichiro's mouthpieces are based on a close collaboration in a search for consistency sound production across a vast range of situations and music performances.  
Models include:
  • #1:  A large, full bodied bass trombone piece, 0.281" throat, 1.066" diameter, 
  • #2:  Similar to #1, but open in the backbore, and slightly deeper cup, 0.276" throat, 1.066" diameter
  • #3:  A fuller volume cup than #1 and #2, wtih a larger throat, 0.281" throat, 1.061" diameter
  • #4:  A narrower rim diameter coupled with a deep cup for an open, compact sound, 0.281" throat, 1.038" diameter
  • #5:  A narrower rim yet, similar to a Pickett 5.5, with a deeper cup offering a round, full sound without extended effort.  0.277" throat, 0.999" diameter

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