Vince DiMartino

Classical design for the Vince DiMartino.

Vince's trumpet mouthpiece is characterized by a medium cup width (Pickett 5), a medium deep cup (BC), 27 throat, and an open backbore.   Just like Vince's jazz mouthpiece, this mouthpiece has an extremely even tonal quality from the bottom to the top of the range.  With the comfortable rim and medium bite , it promotes good endurance and response.

The Zinger offers a rim diameter similar to a 5-6, a medium-shallow V cup, and added lip relief for better comfort after lip swelling.  It's the result of over 8 years of playing trials and iterations, originating with the "Jazz" model.

Vince's piccolo mouthpiece is an adapted version of his original Jazz mouthpiece, with a 29 throat and new compact, cornet backbore.  
The special flugelhorn design is based on a handmade version by Vince many years ago.  Reverse engineered and reproduce accurately, it offers a unique, compact flugel feel and sound. 


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