Mark Ridenour

As a long time member of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Mark Ridenour has played with some of the greats of our time.  His consistent and powerful style has stood the test of time and been heard by thousands.

After working with Mark for several years, we're proud to release his signature line of trumpet mouthpieces based on his long history of playing.  Designed in a screw rim configuration, Mark has found that this design produces the character he's after.  

A classic rim profile, worn in from years of playing, is made in a screw rim configuration with 3 diameters are available.

The 2 available underparts are balanced and compatible with any of the 3 rims. 

  • The 1.25 underpart is a generous volume cup, matched to a 24 throat, and symphonic backbore.  
  • The 1.5 underpart is slightly smaller cup volume, but matched to a 23 throat and larger volume symphonic backbore

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