1 Piece British Cornet Mouthpiece

British style cornet mouthpieces, featuring a general v-cup, and a short, balanced backbore.  Warm sound, excellent response, and great intonation.  

New cup depths offer a variety of response and support:

  • Standard, #16 throat: dark timbre
  • Medium Shallow, #16 throat: medium dark timbre with additional resistance from tighter throat entrance
  • Shallow, #19 throat: medium timbre, most resistance from smaller throat and shallower cup
Designed with the well known Pickett Brass rim, with consulting by world class trumpeters Vince DiMartino, Bryan Appleby-Wineberg, and others, offer optimum flexibility & consistent, precise articulations. 
Offered in silver and gold plating. 
We also offer custom design options.  Choose "custom" from the cup size and/or cup depth choices, and let us know your specific requests in the comments section.

NEW!  Custom engraving:  Have your name, your band name, anything engraved on your mouthpiece!  Many options available - email for more information. 

Starting at: $150.00

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Starting at: $150.00

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