Jens Lindemann - The Acrylic

The Jens mouthpiece top models: made with in a polymethyl methacrylate material that feels like nothing else.  

Jens' Signature models include:

  • Piccolo Top: A mouthpiece top compatible with either standard trumpet or cornet backbores, that enables a relaxed approach to playing the piccolo trumpet.  Not an extreme mouthpiece by any standard, but rather a balanced piece.  Approximately a 9 sized rim (0.630") and works with a Pickett #2/27 trumpet backbore or Pickett #1/27 cornet backbore.
  • Piccolo X Top: With a medium-wide rim around our Pickett 5 diameter, the Piccolo X is built for most everyday piccolo trumpet playing. The  cup offers a nice amount of lip relief for overall piccolo playing.
  • Special Top: An adaptable and open mouthpiece top with only a slight bit of compression to allow an ease of playing without having an over abundance of resistance, for your Bb or C trumpet.  Approximately a 5 sized rim (0.650") and works with a Pickett #1/27 backbore.
  • The Wingman:  Mouthpiece top capable of performing across a wide range of styles without creating tension and stress.  Deeper than the Special, but not so much to make a player uncomfortable.  Coupled with an open backbore, the balance of the mouthpiece is well suited for either Bb or C trumpet.  Approximately a 5 sized rim (0.650").

Jens compliments his signature tops with the Pickett #2 trumpet backbore and Pickett #1 cornet backbore.
Backbore purchased separately. 


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