Trombone, Small Bore Lead Tenor Cup

A refined, efficient, and focused lead mouthpiece design. Our lead models offer a very shallow cup, balanced with a compact backbore, that will provide the zip you need in any lead/commercial setting.

The small bore lead tenor trombone models include:
  • 5L      A larger diameter coupled with an very shallow cup and compact backbore.
  • 5.5L   The same cup and countour as 5L with slightly smaller rim diameter.
  • 6L      A familiar diameter for most, coupled with an extremely shallow cup and compact backbore.
  • 7L      This is for players who prefer a slightly smaller rim diameter while playing lead.  Offers a slightly brighter sound in the middle and upper registers.
  • 9L      The smallest diameter offered on our lead models. This is balanced and compact, a true lead piece.
Each cup requires the respective diameter rim.
All available in brushed silver or brushed gold.

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Starting at: $125.00

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