Trombone, Bass Lightweight Cup

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Characteristically full, robust, and powerful.  Pickett bass trombone mouthpieces are balanced to achieve peak efficiency in any musical scenario.

The Pickett line of screw rim trombone mouthpieces makes it possible to dial in the response and sound to where you want it to be.  Finding the right mouthpiece for the job just got easier. 

The bass trombone models include the following rim sizes:
  • 1      The largest rim size offered.  Intended for professional players that are used to playing larger equipment and have the strength/endurance to do so.
  • 1.3   A very well balanced mouthpiece that provides the support you need in all registers.
  • 1.5   A well rounded and balanced mouthpiece intended for all musical scenarios.
  • 1.6   Very similar feel to the 1.5 but with a slightly smaller rim diameter.
  • 1.75 Dense and compact tone while still retaining excellent balance and response.
  • 2      The smallest bass trombone rim size offered. Ideal for bass trombonists looking for a more compact sound.  Great transition mouthpiece for tenor players that are new to bass trombone.
Each cup requires the respective diameter rim.
Each of these can be tweaked towards 3 cup configurations:
  • D  Our deep cup features the most generous cup of our stock options, providing a very free-blowing experience.  The extra depth allows for a warmer and richer tone color in the low register, without sacrificing the upper register.
  • M  Our medium cup, Pickett Brass' most popular model, is a middle of the road cup designed to appeal to a broad range of performance genres.
  • S  Our shallow cup provides more support in the middle and upper registers, adding some extra brilliance and efficiency.
All available in brushed silver or brushed gold.


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