Trombone, Bass Cup

The rim is only half of the equation! Dial in the sound and support you are looking for with one of our three cup depths:

The bass trombone models include the following rim sizes:

  • 1      The largest rim size offered. It is intended for professional players that are use to playing on larger equipment.
  • 1.25  A large mouthpiece that provides support in all registers.
  • 1.5   A well-rounded and balanced mouthpiece intended to fill any role.
  • 1.6   Very similar feel to the 1.5 but with a slightly smaller rim diameter.
  • 1.75 A dense and compact tone while still retaining excellent balance and response.
  • 2      The smallest bass trombone rim size offered. Ideal for bass trombonists looking for a more compact sound.  This is a great transition mouthpiece for tenor players that are new to bass trombone.

Each cup requires the respective diameter rim.


Each of these come in three different cup configurations:


  • D  Our deepest cup in our stock options, providing a very free-blowing experience.  The extra depth allows for a warmer and richer tone color in the low register, without sacrificing the upper register.
  • M  Our medium cup is the most popular model.  It is a middle of the road cup designed to appeal to a broad range of performance genres.
  • S  Our shallow cup provides more support in the middle and upper registers, adding some extra brilliance and efficiency.


All available in brushed silver or brushed gold.

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Starting at: $125.00

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