Trombone, Bass Trombone

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A very well balanced line of bass trombone mouthpieces, coupled with our Classic rim design, and mounted on a generous blank.

The bass trombone models include:

  • 1:      The largest rim size offered.  Intended for professional players that are used to playing larger equipment and have the strength/endurance to do so.
  • 1.3:  A very well balanced mouthpiece that provides the support you need in all registers.
  • 1.5:  A well rounded and balanced mouthpiece intended for all musical scenarios.
  • 1.6:  Very similar feel to the 1.5 but with a slightly smaller rim diameter.
  • 1.75: Dense and compact tone while still retaining excellent balance and response.
  • 2:     The smallest bass trombone rim size offered. Ideal for bass trombonists looking for a more compact sound.  Great transition mouthpiece for tenor players that are new to bass trombone.


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