Jeff Conner

Jeff Conner is the only original member of Boston Brass. He founded the group with some fellow Boston musicians while a student at Boston University and has engineered the meteoric rise of this ensemble’s fame in the world of popular chamber music. Jeff received his master’s degree in Music from Boston University and his bachelor’s degree in music from Boston Conservatory. He has presented his Entreprenurial Clinic, “The Portfolio Musician” at The Yale School of Music, New England Conservatory of Music, Boston Conservatory of Music, Belmont School of Music, University of South Carolina, University of Las Vegas, University of Missouri, Syracuse University, Kansas State University, University fo Kansas, Iowa State, Kansas City Conservatory and the Indiana Music Educators Conference. He is co-author of “The Portfolio Musician, Case Studies in Success” with Grammy Nominated Musician John Laverty.

"It’s a privilege to be performing on my new Pickett mouthpiece. It gives me the necessary tools and ability to play every style we play in Boston Brass.
It’s a must have for trumpet players who are looking for a mouthpiece to dial in all their styles and dynamic ranges needed to be a successful player." -Jeff Conner


Jeff's model is similar to our Pickett 3C. A great mouthpiece for overall playabilty throughtout all playing styles.


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