Wycliffe Gordon

Designed by Wycliffe Gordon, this series of trombone and tuba mouthpieces offers something for everyone

Apprentice  A small shank, 25.9 mm rim diameter mouthpiece, with efficiency.  Comparable to a Bach 6.5AL or Schilke 50.

Fellow  A small shank, 25.9 mm rim diameter, with room to grow.  Comparable to a Bach 6.5AL or Schilke 50.

Classic  Something old, something new... something Wycliffe.  Play the classics on this classic.  This beauty of a large bore tenor trombone mouthpiece combines age-old ergonomics with just a splash of its own character...a true Wycliffe original.  Free flowing, full sound, and grand.  Large shank, 26.6mm rim diameter and comparable in size to Bach 4G or Schilke 52E2.

Boss   Bass trombone redefined. By Wycliffe.  Open and full of passion with a long cup that provides room for that full sound.  Reaches new depths with uncanny flexibility.  With a 29.4mm rim diameter and large shank, it's comparable to a Bach 1G or Schilke 60.

Master  When you’re playing The Master, you are playing the EXACT mouthpiece Wycliffe is playing: on stage, on screen, on the recordings.  Full sound, open feel, and flexible like, well, Wycliffe himself. Balanced mass coupled with a comfortable rim results in a responsive and incredibly natural playing mouthpiece. Small tenor shank, rim diameter of 26.1 mm, and Comparable in size to a Bach 5G, Schilke 51, or Wick 6AL.

Rock  Designed by Wycliffe for all around tuba greatness, this mouthpiece boasts a wide rim and deep cup that produces an incredibly massive, full, and fat sound so your playing buddies feel what you’re putting’ down.  Balanced mass coupled with a comfortable rim (diameter 32.9 mm) has resulted in a responsive and natural playing mouthpiece.  Comparable to a Bach 12 or Schilke 69C4.


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