Roger Ingram Vintage Maynard

This is a perfect duplicate of the one-of-a-kind custom-made mouthpiece hand-crafted by Domenick Calicchio for Maynard Ferguson in 1955. 
Born in Verdun, Quebec, Maynard began his career in Canada, and moved to the US in 1948. After stints with the bands of Boyd Raeburn, Jimmy Dorsey, and Charlie Barnet, he came to public prominence with the Stan Kenton Orchestra from 1949 to 1953. He won the Down Beat Readers' Poll as best trumpeter in 1950, 1951, and 1952. Maynard moved to Hollywood, CA in late 1953, enticed by a first-call contract with Paramount Pictures. Maynard played on 46 Paramount movie soundtracks, most notably, The Ten Commandments. It was in Hollywood where he met master mouthpiece maker Domenick Calicchio. Domenick worked with Maynard to create his custom original mouthpiece, which Maynard then performed and recorded with until 1961. 
In 1990, at an MF band rehearsal in preparation for the "Live in London" tour, Maynard gifted his original custom-made Calicchio mouthpiece to his then lead trumpet player, Roger Ingram. According to what Maynard told Roger when he gave him the original, he played this mouthpiece on everything he recorded from 1955 through 1961. In 1962, Maynard collaborated with Bob Giardinelli and Bob's chief mouthpiece machinist, Jack Onque, to create the Giardinelli "MF-1", loosely based on this custom hand-made Calicchio mouthpiece. 
The drill (hole, bore, throat) size is a 24 (0.152"). The cup is shallow and has a bowl, V shape. The length is 3.217". This mouthpiece length is slightly shorter than most standard Bb trumpet mouthpieces manufactured today. The inner diameter of the rim is about 0.623" and the outer diameter of the rim is 1.053".

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